Ep. 58 – Raleigh Greenway Updates

A lot is going on with our excellent greenway system, including some big changes and closures on the Crabtree Creek section. We spoke with Lisa Schiffbauer, Greenway Capital Projects Senior Supervisor with the city’s Parks and Recreation Department to get updates.


Capital Area Greenway Information and Closures (and also where to learn about Rgreenway app)

Crabtree Creek erosion keeps Raleigh greenway closed indefinitely – WRAL – Feb. 18, 2019

Project 2 years in, residents along Crabtree Creek wonder when they’ll get access to greenway again – WRAL – Feb. 8, 2019

Crabtree Creek Greenway still awaiting boardwalk repairs after Hurricane Matthew – News & Observer – Aug. 4, 2017

How Raleigh’s greenway trails went from nuisance to amenity – News & Observer – Nov. 23, 2018

In the interview, Lisa mentions City Camp, which is now Civic Camp, part of the NC Open Pass series of events.

Crabtree Creek near the greenway. Photo by Bobistraveling/Flickr CC.
Crabtree Creek near the greenway. Photo by Bobistraveling/Flickr CC.

The questions we asked:

  • Can you start by telling us more about your work?
  • What changes have occurred on the greenway system in the past few years that listeners might not know about? (new trails or any other updates, changes to app, or other)
  • The greenway system began in the 70s and built more than 100 miles over time. Of course, the growth of new trails has slowed quite a bit, which makes sense. Does the parks department see room for more paths?
  • Last year the parks department said it was going to shift its management a bit to thinking of them more as transportation assets. Can you talk a bit about that shift and what it means for your team?
  • What does that shift mean for greenway users?
  • One of the big discussions with greenways now is Crabtree Creek, experiencing a lot of flooding. Flooding and erosion along the creek has degraded a portion of boardwalk immediately north of Capital Boulevard, which led to closures last year. Can you explain more about the erosion issues?
  • What work is being done to fix it?
  • My understanding is this has been going on for two years, starting with Hurricane Matthew. But it sounds like we might be talking about different sections of the same trail. The closures website lists five closures all under Crabtree Creek. Can you clarify?
  • One of our listeners wondered if it’s possible to require contractors to maintain some access to trails during construction projects. Is that something the parks department has considered?

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