Ep. 42 – What’s a Diverging Diamond and Why Wake Forest Road?

The NCDOT plans to install a few more diverging diamond interchanges in the state in the coming years. Plans for one at Wake Forest Road are causing a bit of a stir. We spoke with the NCDOT about this project. While DDIs are known for improving car congestion, some residents are concerned about how this will impact pedestrians and bicyclists.

An animation from the NCDOT showing how diverging diamonds work. This one is at I-40 and Highway 123.

The public can still comment on this project. The updated plans will be released this fall with another round of public meetings, so keep an eye out.

Video: Explanation and Depiction of a DDI РNCDOT

Diverging Diamond Interchange Could Ease Triangle Road Congestion – WRAL, March 2, 2015

Is Wake Forest Road at the Beltline a good place for a ‘diverging diamond?’ – News & Observer, May 14, 2018

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