Ep. 39 – Real Ridesharing: Carpooling in the Triangle

Did you know you can find a carpool buddy in North Carolina? Share the Ride NC helps match commuters with a carpooling buddy (or two or three!) based on your commute locations, schedules, favorite radio stations, and other factors. This even includes bicycling or walking to work! We spoke with Paul Straw, the system administrator for Share the Ride NC about the options and how it works. He also shared information about a related and critical program, Emergency Ride Home, for carpoolers and transit users who get stuck without a ride.

U.S. Census Data about Commuting (2016)

Share the Ride NC

Regional Impact Report – full of amazing stats, such as:

  • Share the RideĀ reduced 5 million vehicle trips, which equals 3,360 people not driving their car
  • 54 million commute miles reduced

Emergency Ride Home (ERH)

ERH employer registration

WRAL has a list of carpool/rideshare servicesĀ 

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