Ep. 29 – Scooters (Mopeds)

Scooters (mopeds) might be a good solution for those who don’t drive often or far. After all, they get great gas mileage. We talk about some of the pros and cons of scooters, including some scary crash stats and we learn about CCs. Plus, we share our lively conversation with Raleigh resident Gretchen Saussy, a longtime scooter owner.

Gretchen stands in front of her red Vespa.
Gretchen shows off her Vespa.

Links and Notes

Moped vs. scooter: http://www.motorscootershopper.com/moped-scooter.asp

Unique Motor Sports  – gave us some information about scooters

Moped Wiki

A riveting Buzzfield listicle about scooters

Will Electric Scooters Take Over the World’s Mega Cities? – Smithsonian.com 

Mopeds and Scooters: Crash Outcomes in a High Traffic State – NIH Study

Motorcycles, Scooters, and Mopeds, a Research Brief

Scooter Sales Accelerate; So Do Thefts, Injuries – NPR, 2008


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