Topic Ideas

This list isn’t comprehensive. Some of these might be entire episodes, while others may be a mention. We have a few others on our master list, and new things are always occurring. But this gives you some idea of what we hope and plan to talk about. Got a topic you want to hear about? Contact us.

  • RDU
  • Uber/Lyft ride services
  • Carsharing: zipcar
  • Electric bicycles
  • Raleigh Bike mobile app
  • Status of the high speed rail
  • BRT
  • The NC Bike Summit
  • Surface parking lots
  • School bus routes
  • Amtrak App
  • Winter/weather
  • How to ride the bus
  • Gas
  • Interview with a bus driver
  • Interview with person who doesn’t own a car
  • PRT – Personal Rapid Transit
  • Transit riding for those without a smartphone
  • Raleigh’s streetcars

If we’ve covered the topic already, you can find it on our episode list.